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Introduction to Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

Introduction to Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

Titanium carbide or TiC is a typical transition metal carbide with NaCl-type cubic crystal structures, a high melting point, hardness and a high Young's modulus. It also has excellent chemical stability, high wear and corrosion resistance as well as high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Thus, it is suitable for an extensive range of applications and has a great potential in cutting tools aerospace components, the foam ceramics and coatings that resist wear, and infrared radiation ceramics materials.

Applications of Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

1. In the manufacture of various multiphase materials

Titanium carbide clays are high-density tool materials like TiC and TiN, WC, and A12O and other raw materials composed of various multiphase materials The materials are known for their extremely high melting points, hardness, and high and excellent chemical stability. is the most preferred material for cutting tools, wear-resistant and other parts but they possess excellent electrical conductivity is the material of choice for electrodes.

Cutting tool materials: Due to the proportion of TiC dispersion of hard particle in the matrix, the Composite cutting tools do not just to improve the hardness however, to a some extent, enhance crack toughness, which is greater than the raw tool's cutting performance a lot. A12o3-tic system ceramics may also be used as armor-grade materials. As a tool material, the hardness is higher than (C N, C), and Ti(C N, C) due to N. To allow it to be used on steel and other cutting materials the friction coefficient is significantly reduced. Brings many advantages to cutting. By combining the advantages of Ti and (C, N) to create multiphase materials, a highly effective tool material can easily be made.

2. They are also used for coatings.

Diamond coating: The production process for diamond tools follows mostly a powder metallurgy impregnation method. Because of the high interaction energy between diamonds and any general metal, the diamond's surface is not affected by any alloy or metal that have a low melting temperature as well as its bonding capacity is insufficient. Recent years have seen many experts have conducted a lot of studies to improve the strength of bonds between the metal matrix and diamond. The method that is active is the most commonly used approach, that is adding tiny amounts of titanium in the bond of metal, vanadium and chromium as well as other active metals, tools for liquid phase sintering The active metal is high carbon compounds are the basis of elements and the affinity for diamonds is big, easy to increase the surface of the diamond to enable the metallurgical bond of metal bond and diamond. But, the strength of the interface is affected by the amount of active metal, sintering temperatures, time, and other parameters. It requires an extrusion of the binder to achieve the enrichment of active metal to the interface since this method isn't suitable for the hot pressing Sintering of diamonds and metal powder in a fast solid phase.

3. This is the method used to prepare foam ceramics

As a filtering device, foam ceramics are effective in removing inclusions within all sorts of fluids and their filtration method is an agitation process and adsorption. The filter must be chemically robustness of the material especially in the metallurgical process which has a high melting filtering. This type materials will oxide in the majority, as well as to adjust to the filter of metal melt, the principal goal in the field of resistance to thermal shock. Titanium carbide foams have greater strength, harderness, electrical conductivity and heat in addition to corrosion resistance and heat as compared to oxide foams.

4. Infrared radiation ceramics are used in materials

Titanium carbide is a type of intermetallic material, typically displayed good chemical stability. not undergoing any changes in valence or valence state. The system is operating under conditions of high-temperature reduction in the production of samples. Parts of the titanium ions are prone to delay to show up, aiming to the solid of titanium ions melting into the structure of cordierite structural position, change of the structure. In comparison to a single component that is a single material, the radiation capability of the material in the vicinity of 3tma has evidently improved, which is beneficial for the use in the area of high temperatures.

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