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Will the rapid growth of hydrogen economy have an impact on the high voltage vacuum circuit breaker market

A new paradigm based on hydrogen energy will be born

IRENA believes the future of clean energy markets will be "regional rather than global", given the ability of many countries to produce hydrogen. Hydrogen will bring new and diversified players to the market, making supply more diversified. At the same time, a more inclusive hydrogen market can provide fair opportunities for cooperation among countries around the world.

The rapid growth of hydrogen economy is reshaping the international trade market and energy relations among countries.

Hydrogen energy, especially green hydrogen based on renewable energy, is regarded as an important way to realize energy transformation. The emergence of new importers and exporters of hydrogen will reshuffle energy power and create a new interdependence that will disrupt the global economic and political landscape.

Hydrogen will reshape the global energy landscape and change the geography of the world energy trade as trade in traditional fossil fuels declines, according to a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Cross-border trade is booming

Based on the expectation that hydrogen will account for 12 percent of global energy use by 2050, IRENA believes that cross-border hydrogen trade will increase by the 2030s, with more than 30 percent of hydrogen traded across borders by 2050, a higher proportion than natural gas today, with two-thirds of green hydrogen production being locally produced and one-third traded across borders. The revamped pipeline could boost half the hydrogen trade and the other half in the form of shipments of hydrogen derivatives, such as hydrogen-derived ammonia.

Green hydrogen will be the dominant product in the hydrogen trade, and IRENA estimates that by 2030, the price of green hydrogen could be on par with blue hydrogen in some countries.

What is medium voltage switchgear?

Medium voltage switchgear essentially handles current and voltage fluctuations between 3KV and 36KV. The switchgear is ideal for a variety of functions including normal on/off applications, switching induced current, short circuit interrupts, switching capacitive current, and even specialized applications. This switchgear usually comes in a variety of types, including metal-enclosed indoor switchgear, metal-free switchgear, metal-enclosed outdoor switchgear, etc. Switching equipment is often critical for fault current transmission to interrupt current. To get more information about the high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, send an email to and we will reply within 48 hours.

The high voltage vacuum circuit breaker market distribution

The high voltage vacuum circuit breaker market is geographically segmented into North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa. Asia-pacific was the largest region in the medium voltage switchgear market in 2021. The medium voltage switchgear market is still a competitive, innovative and decentralized pattern. Increased high voltage vacuum circuit breaker manufacturing in new regions such as the Asia Pacific and the continued expansion of established players in new regions remain key drivers of fragmentation. Growing in this sector remains a key opportunity to gain high voltage vacuum circuit breaker market share and competitive advantage.

Strict environmental and safety regulations in the manufacturing of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker are hindering the growth of the market. The development of ecologically efficient switchgear has become the emerging trend of the medium voltage switchgear market. Ecologically efficient high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is an alternative to the greenhouse gas sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) to improve ecological efficiency and reduce environmental impact. SF6 gas switch equipment is used as electrical insulation and current interrupt medium, which is extremely limited to greenhouse gases. In the high voltage vacuum circuit breaker market, the use of ecological efficient switchgear is becoming more and more popular.

Power generation demand is expected to drive the high voltage vacuum circuit breaker market. The development of industrialization and urbanization needs a continuous power supply, and the reliability of the power supply largely depends on the performance of the switch cabinet. Energy production is growing sustainably, demand is growing in both rural and urban areas, and the integration of protected high voltage vacuum circuit breaker supplies is improving, which will drive industry growth.

Medium voltage switchgear high voltage vacuum circuit breaker market trend

Electricity is likely to overtake oil in final consumption by 2040, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). Increasing regulatory efforts to promote clean energy, a sharp decline in conventional coal-fired power generation and global targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power generation by three-quarters by 2040 remain the main drivers of power generation growth. In addition, the IEA estimates that greater use of renewable energy in power generation and evolving high voltage vacuum circuit breaker technologies such as hydrogen fuel and electricity remain the main prospects for bringing key developments such as electric vehicles to consumers around the world.

Therefore, the installation of small and medium-sized high voltage vacuum circuit breaker grids on a global scale will be essential. These installations are also essential to meet the seasonal demand for additional power generation for residential and commercial applications. Currently, there is significant demand for additional power generation during peak hours and to maintain high voltage vacuum circuit breaker operations during outages in regions such as the Asia Pacific.

About JGGY-professional high voltage vacuum circuit breaker supplier

Zhejiang JGGY Electrical Co.,Ltd (, JGGY Electrical was established in 2002, specializing in the manufacture, sales and service of middle voltage electrical products. JGGY Electrical mainly specializes for 6~42kV medium voltage electric (outdoor and indoor): load break switch, disconnector, cutout fuse, surge arrester, vacuum circuit breaker. We focus on the design, manufacture and sale of various medium voltage electrical systems, control and automation systems, electrical products and metering and protection systems. To get more information about the high voltage vacuum circuit breaker or feel free to get a quote on the required products or send an email to and we will reply within 48 hours.

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