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From December 9 to 13, 2023, the 69th IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM 2023) was held in San Francisco, USA.

The International Electronic Tools Seminar (IEDM), founded in 1955, is the top meeting in incorporated circuit tools. It enjoys a high academic status and wide influence in the international semiconductor technology community and is known as the “Olympics of Devices.”

IEDM has a great impact and is the primary online forum for worldwide reporting on the most up-to-date modern technology, style, manufacturing, physics, and modeling in the semiconductors and electronic gadgets field. It is additionally a vital platform for universities, R&D establishments and industry leaders to report their technical innovations. Every year, internationally renowned semiconductor companies such as Intel, Samsung, TSMC and IBM use this conference to release their latest research results.

1200V enhanced gallium nitride monolithic integrated platform

At the 2023 IEDM conference, Nenghua Semiconductor released a presentation entitled “1200V E-mode GaN Monolithic Integration Platform on Sapphire with Ultra-thin Buffer Technology” (1200V enhanced gallium nitride monolithic integration platform based on ultra-thin buffer layer technology ), including high-voltage enhancement-mode GaN devices, low-voltage enhancement-mode GaN devices, diodes, resistors and capacitors, among which the breakdown voltage of high-voltage devices reaches 2300V, the off-state leakage at 1200V is only 100pA/mm, and shallow trench isolation The structural breakdown voltage reaches 3000V.

1200V gallium nitride monolithic integrated device

Based on the long-lasting technological participation between Jiangsu A College in China, jointly created ultra-thin buffer layer (UTB) epitaxial technology was jointly created. The world’s first report on the 1200V GaN high and low voltage compatible preparation process. The 1200V GaN half-bridge integrated chip developed based on this technology achieves 800V /1MHz/175 ℃ conditions without crosstalk.

This achievement shows the advantages of GaN gadgets in 1200V applications and will certainly promote the vast application of GaN devices in 1200V applications.

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