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ExOne has certified Inconel 718 as a third-party qualified material for adhesive spray 3D printing on its industrial systems. ExOne adhesive spraying technology can convert Inconel 718 powder into high-density components consistent with traditional manufacturing methods.

Inconel 718 is ordinarily used in the aerospace, energy, and automotive industries. It is known for its high strength and hardness, strong corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and extreme temperatures from minus to 1300 ° F. It also has excellent welding characteristics and is commonly used in high-temperature applications, for example, jet engines and tools or corrosive environments such as seawater or acid. Rick Lucas, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of New Markets at ExOne said, “Following M2 tool steel earlier this year, today’s Inconel 718 certification indicates that the ExOne R&D team is actively providing new materials for adhesive jet 3D printing.”. “Our accelerating pace of material certification proves the strength of our new metal 3D printer system equipped with Triple ACT, an advanced compaction technology crucial for high-speed and high-density spraying of metal and other materials.” Like Inconel 718, ExOne’s patented Triple ACT is capable of 3D printing standard MIM powders, followed by standard sintered profiles and heat treatment, Thus providing high-density results consistent with forged materials. Independent testing to verify that the Inconel 718 3D printed and sintered by ExOne complies with ASTM standard B637-18.

ExOne’s proprietary CleanFusion adhesive is key to Inconel 718’s new certification. CleanFusion is a clean-burning adhesive used for 3D printing of metals that are sensitive to the carbon left by other adhesives during the sintering process. Adhesive spraying is a 3D printing process that uses digital files to spray adhesive onto a powder particle bed (metal, sand, or ceramic) quickly, creating solid components layer by layer at a time. When printing metal, it is necessary to sinter the final components to fuse the particles to form a solid object. When the adhesive cannot burn cleanly during sintering, carbon residues can alter the chemical and basic properties of certain sensitive metals. Therefore, one benefit of using CleanFusion 3D printing metal is maintaining consistent part performance, including the welding ability of the parts. This is crucial for aerospace, automotive, or defense applications, where parts are typically integrated or assembled into the final product.



(Inconel 718 powder)

Chromium nickel-iron alloy 718, also known as Inconel 718, is a nickel-based alloy with excellent performance in high temperatures and extreme chemical environments.

The characteristics of chromium nickel-iron alloy 718:

  1. High-temperature strength and stability: Chromium nickel-iron alloy 718 has excellent high-temperature strength and can maintain stability even under extreme temperatures. This makes it widely used in high-temperature aerospace, energy, and chemical engineering environments.
  2. Good corrosion resistance: This alloy has tremendous corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, and salts, making it of great value in marine engineering, oil and gas extraction, and the chemical industry.
  3. Good welding performance: Chromium nickel-iron alloy 718 is easy to weld and maintains good material properties after welding, which provides advantages in applications that require structural integrity and reliability.
  4. Good machining performance: This alloy can be processed through conventional machining techniques such as cutting, drilling, and milling.
(Inconel 718 powder)

Application of Chromium-Nickel Iron Alloy 718:

  1. Aerospace field: Chromium nickel-iron alloy 718 is widely used in manufacturing key components for aircraft engines and spacecraft due to its high-temperature strength and stability.
  2. Energy field: This alloy manufactures structural components and heat exchangers in nuclear and solar energy under high-temperature conditions.
  3. Chemical and petroleum industries: Chromium nickel-iron alloy 718 is used to manufacture reactors, pipelines, and valves to withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments.
  4. Marine engineering: In the application of ships and offshore platforms, this alloy is used to manufacture corrosion-resistant components, such as seawater pipelines and heat exchangers.
  5. Automotive industry: Chromium nickel-iron alloy 718 is used to manufacture key components in high-performance automotive engines, such as turbochargers and exhaust systems.
(Inconel 718 powder)


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