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The entrance of the Tianshan Shengli Tunnel on the Wuwei Expressway in China has achieved a significant victory.

(Tianshan Shengli Tunnel)

With the completion of the YK77+891 second lining concrete pouring in the right tunnel, it marks that all three left, middle, and right tunnels of the tunnel have safely crossed the largest fault of the G0711 Wuwei Expressway – F6 Fault (Boa Fault Zone), overcoming the biggest obstacle in tunnel excavation and creating favorable conditions for the smooth passage of the tunnel and the smooth opening of the Wuwei Expressway.

In the tunnel area, the Boa Fault Zone is a wide fault that is deep and extensive, exhibiting various depths, behaviors of deformation, and directions of movement. Its overall width measures approximately 400 meters. The core section is 100 meters long, and its geological structure is complex; the rock mass is fractured and rich in water, including more than 10 types of rocks, such as granodiorite and carbonaceous slate. It is known as the “Geological Museum” by geological experts.

In July 2021, the TBM excavation of the middle guide tunnel at the import end began to cross the F6 fault. During the construction process, collapse, sudden mud and water inrush occurred continuously, and the TBM constantly faced the risk of jamming. The construction team has established an assault team to remove silt manually and collapsed stones on the conveyor belt, ensuring the normal operation of the conveyor belt and preventing TBM jamming. I carry out scientific research and research, research and application of key technologies such as steel bar reinforcement transformation and support, and advanced geophysical exploration to overcome difficulties. In just 78 days, we crossed the largest fault, about 100 days ahead of the design plan and construction period.

At the end of November 2021, the left and right main tunnels began to cross the F6 fault. The construction team attached great importance to it. It used C6 drilling machines for advanced geophysical exploration to analyze and predict the degree of fragmentation and water content of the surrounding rock in the front tunnel. A scientific and reasonable construction plan was formulated, and advanced domestic computerized three-arm rock drills were used for drilling and blasting excavation. Mechanical personnel replacement and precise construction were performed to reduce safety risks and improve operational efficiency.

The geological condition of the Tianshan Shengli Tunnel is complex, and the basic seismic intensity is VIII. To ensure the safety and use function of the project, a foam concrete shockproof layer is set in the F6 fault section. The shockproof layer is set between the secondary lining concrete and the surrounding rock φ 110mm PE pipe, filled with foam concrete, arranged longitudinally and circumferentially.

A specific combination of cement, water, and different additives, including agents that create foam, is used to create lightweight concrete with a texture that is not heavy. It has the advantages of being lightweight, having good thermal insulation performance, etc. To guarantee the effectiveness and standard of installing and grouting PE pipes, a research initiative was conducted to address crucial issues. Consequently, specific machinery for foam concrete was developed to improve standards, boost efficiency, and minimize construction duration.

(Foaming Agent)

As a lightweight, high-strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, and durable building material, foam concrete has been widely used in construction, roads, water conservancy projects, landscape, and other fields.

Building field

There are various ways foam concrete can be utilized in building projects, including regulating temperature, reducing noise, offering thermal insulation, and preventing moisture. Its addition to roofs, walls, floors, and other structural elements can significantly enhance the thermal insulation properties of buildings, leading to decreased energy consumption. Moreover, foam concrete can be an effective sound insulation material, reducing noise transmission and promoting a more peaceful indoor environment.

Road construction

because foam concrete has certain lightness and compressibility, it can be used for road subgrade and cushion to improve the bearing capacity and stability of the road. At the same time, the durability and stability of foam concrete also make it an ideal material for road construction.

Water conservancy engineering

Foam concrete has good waterproofing, anti-seepage, and durability and can be used for waterproofing and reinforcement of dams, dikes, sluices, and other structures in water conservancy projects.

Landscape field

Concrete foam can be molded into blocks of diverse shapes and sizes, suitable for creating various landscape features, including flower beds, rockeries, and waterscapes.

(Foaming Agent)

Environmental protection

foam concrete can be used to fill and fix waste, such as the filling of mines and disposal of ruins. At the same time, foam concrete can be used for soil improvement and protection to improve soil water retention and fertility.

Other fields

foam concrete can also be used in chemical, petroleum, power, and other fields, such as pipe support materials, tank bases, etc.


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